• Launching,
    the ALL-NEW Electromagnetic Flowmeter MIM
    - All metal design -
  • Introducing,
    the ALL-NEW Electronic Digital Pressure Transmitter
    PSD with Dual Switched Outputs
  • Introducing,
    the ALL-NEW Battery Powered Digital Temperature
    Gauges DTE from KOBOLD
  • Introducing,
    accurate measurement for various liquids
    Oval Fear Flowmeter DON from KOBOLD
  • Introducing,
    the ALL NEW
    Multi-Channel Datalogger KBL from KOBOLD
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    + Quality Instrumentation
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    Temperature, Level
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Kobold Instruments Ltd is the UK sales office for Kobold Messering GmbH, founded in 1980 by Klaus J Kobold, and today is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial instrumentation products.


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Oval Gear Flowmeter DON

  • Accurate measurement for Liquid Flow Metering
  • No outlet/inlet runs required
  • Measurement of clean liquids up to 1000cP

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