Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling for Fuel Cell Drives

Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling for Fuel Cell Drives


The filling of fuel cell vehicles with highly compressed hydrogen gas requires a complex and accurate measuring system.

Reliable flow measurement is required with a single device at pressures ranging from 20 bar to 750 bar; and in future even with custody transfer approvals.


Introducing High Pressure Coriolis Flowmeters from Heinrichs

  • Large measuring span filling with a single device
  • Currently the only usable Coriolis Flowmeter with norm-compliance according to SAE 2601 J
  • Reliability delivered through 10 years experience in high pressure hydrogen fueling
  • Long-term stability
  • Filling pressure: up to 750 bar
  • Design pressure: 1050 bar
  • Temperature range: -40 ... +60 °C

In an EU-project (HyAc) to develop the fueling and custody transfer Norm, the Heinrichs Hydrogen High Pressure Coriolis Flowmeter's have proven their accuracy and long term stability whilst becoming a benchmark for this application.